Battlefield 5 – After the beta: changes in health and ammunition, visibility of players and more

EA has planned changes in the release after the Open Beta for Battlefield 5.

In a blog post EA and DICE present the results of the Open Beta to Battlefield 5. In addition, it explains what changes are planned to the launch: including the shutdown system (ie the distribution of ammunition and health), the visibility of the game and the weapon balance will be revised.

EA leads with a small lead info graphics One of them, among others, Assault and Recon were the most popular classes (before Medic and Suppport) and the players were able to record 824.134 V1 missile killings in beta. In addition, a proud 143,139 snowmen were built.

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Battlefield 5 – screenshots

Attrition: ammunition and health

Limiting ammunition and health is essential for this play speed to control, because the players act more tactically, instead of just blindly walking, dying and responding.

According to surveys, however, the community would like to see the system changed. Before the launch, the players must therefore start with a higher capacity in the matches. For some weapons there will be more ammunition, for others the maximum ammunition capacity will be increased. DICE is also considering starting a player with a consumable healthcare system.

Storage stations are removed from the game for this purpose. They are now no longer fixed, but must be set by players. This gives the players an extra task and more tactical opportunities in this area.

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players visibility

The visibility of the game needs to be improved. Currently, only the Recon class has improved detection capabilities, while the remaining players in hectic battles without icons can easily miss an opponent. That is why DICE wants to work on visibility. Especially on the Rotterdam map they had noticed that you had to separate background and foreground more clearly. That is why someone will do that light fog added, making player better emphasized.

Faster respawns

Dying took a while in Beta, as well as the time that you only looked through a camera. Players now have to bleed faster, but then they can Respawn fasterIn addition, the CPR icon will be better marked in the future by optical and audio signals.

The squadron camera after death adjusts in its turn to the dying time: those who bleed slowly and painfully must wait shorter than someone who died quickly (does this section read as strange as he writes?).


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Weapon Balance: Time to Kill & Time to Death

To pass the time to kill and adjust the time to death (ie the time until someone dies / you die yourself), you have the weapon balance made. Some types of weapons are already optimal in the beta, others – especially after all upgrades – were too strong. These are adapted to take the time needed to make enemies more credible. You also want to make adjustments with time to death.

More vehicles and extensive system damage

Complaints about too little and too many heavy vehicles are in conflict with DICE, which is clear before the launch larger arsenal of tanks and co. will be available. Although the feedback on the endurance, the weapon speed and the effectiveness against foot soldiers are included, players must keep in mind that each vehicle is designed for a specific role – light tanks can be used best against infantry, while heavy tanks throughout can defend areas.

Systemic vehicle damage – that is, the possibility of only partially destroying vehicles to paralyze them – already existed in the beta. In the completed game it has to be expanded. Until now, systemic damage has no influence on the turrets or engines of the vehicles.

This should give players more tactical options when attacking a tank. At the same time, the controls in the tank are not immediately switched off when a part is destroyed, so the driver still has a chance.

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Changes to the air fight

The air fight has also been revised. Many players had noted that the plane was not agile enough and it was too difficult to hit targets on the ground. For pilots and shooters, therefore, the Visibility of enemies on the ground improved. In the completed game, the pilot upgrades have been added, which also provide improvements, but have not yet been implemented in the beta.

Battlefield 5 will be released on November 20 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Another beta is currently not planned.