Bethesda admitted errors and unveiled plans to improve Fallout 76

During the Fallout 76 beta test, gamers discovered the weaknesses of the game and put them into Bethesda, who now intend to correct the mistakes.

What is known

On the Reddit forum, developers posted a message with plans to improve the game before they are released. Bethesda adds voice chat, increases the character's capacity and also supports widescreen displays of 21: 9. The release version also loses bugs, such as random sounds, and problems with the voraciousness of the character who is always hungry. The social functions of the game are also restored if gamers can not cooperate with friends because of errors.

The developers also remembered the gamer's investigation that found vulnerabilities in the Fallout 76 network code. Bethesda then rejected the accusations, but now they acknowledged the presence of holes and promised to patch them. Now, cheaters can not immortalize themselves or remove users from the game.

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