Black Friday 2018: The Best Deals Xbox One

Black Friday offers many opportunities to enjoy the world of video games. At the end of the year, November 23 is the right time to do good business. This is what you can expect.

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The releases of the video games follow each other and are not the same in recent weeks. Maybe you want to pop for the latest news, a game console or new accessories. In any case, the Black Friday should allow you to multiply the good deals in the universe Xbox One: bundle consoles and games, accessories at a reduced price, video games on promotion … here is what you can expect.

Consoles and game packages

If you want to buy an Xbox One during Black Friday, many e-marketers who offer packs every year with a console and games at discounted prices. Amazon is clearly one of those: the American e-trader is a follower of the broken prices for the official packs, but not only. The Xbox One will not be left behind, with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X promotions expected, also here the packs offered by Microsoft, such as the Xbox One S 1TB + Player Unknown & # 39; s Battlegrounds or the Xbox One S and Assassin & # 39 s pack Creed Origins and Rainbow Six Siege should see their price drop.

Other traders also need to look: Cdiscount is used to offer packs, including many video games, up to 5 or 6, with a game console! Among the expected titles in bundle this year we can call Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Assassin & # 39; s Creed Odyssey, Forza Horizon 4, Destiny 2, Sea of ​​Thieves, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, FIFA 19 .. Red Dead Redemption 2 could even notice that they are being promoted by some merchants!

Other sites to view, those of RueduCommerce, Auchan or Fnac. The consoles in promotions must be mainly the Xbox One S from Microsoft, but if you're looking for an Xbox One X sale, you can also find your luck.

Games sold with thousands

If you already have a console, Black Friday offers you the opportunity to offer your video games at discounted prices. Indeed, e-merchants are emptying their warehouses to make room for new titles, which appear in numbers every year.

At Amazon, such as at Cdiscount or Auchan, you will find hundreds of video games with discounts up to 90% for the oldest titles! Some old games can be sold for 0.99 euros, while newer games released in the year can offer discounts of -50%. Shares are often limited and go away very quickly, so if you see a video game that interests you, do not wait to buy it!

Finally, Black Friday should also be an opportunity to do good business on accessories and derivatives such as joysticks, game guides, memory cards, figurines … these promotions are not always put forward by e-merchants, and sometimes you have to dig a bit to find them in their catalog.

The video game is once again in the spotlight for Black Friday 2018 and November 23 is the opportunity to do excellent business in this area.

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