Security researchers have discovered a number of Android apps that contain advanced malware.

The 29 apps, ranging from things like power management apps to horoscope apps, were found to be infected by Trojan malware that controls the app remotely after they have been given access to the victim's phone, said We Live Security, a blog of IT agency ESET.

After ESET informed Google about the problem, the malicious apps were removed from the Play Store.

However, they are believed to have been installed by nearly 30,000 users.

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Researchers have discovered a series of Android apps that contain advanced malware. The apps have been removed from the Play Store, but have been downloaded about 30,000 times

The Trojan virus appeared to have hit a number of apps, including one called & # 39; Free Daily Horoscope & # 39; and & # 39; Power Manager & # 39; in the Play Store.

& # 39; Unlike the increasingly common malicious apps that rely purely on impersonating legitimate financial institutions and displaying false login screens, these apps belong to the category of advanced mobile banking malware with complex functionality and a strong focus on stealth, & # 39; We wrote Live Security in a blog post.

Researchers believe that the malicious apps were created by a single attacker or group.

The apps can intercept call logs, download apps and skip two-factor authentication to redirect SMS messages.

They can do this by getting the HTML code from apps on your device and then inserting false phishing forms into the apps.

As a result, the victim has very little chance of noticing that something is wrong, ESET explained.

The 29 apps, ranging from power management to horoscope apps, are infected with Trojan malware that controls the app remotely after they have accessed the victim's phone

In some cases, the apps issue an error message after they have been downloaded, and they say the app is not compatible with your device and has been removed.

However, the apps are still downloaded on the victim's device and are hidden in the background.

In some cases they continue to work, with relevant information that would otherwise seem normal.

The main purpose of the malware is to copy the bank apps of a user, obtain his log-in data and steal money.

But ESET did not mention cases where the malware had achieved this.


ESET discovered that 29 apps were infected with malware, including:

1. Power Manager

2. Astro Plus

3. Master Cleaner – CPU booster

4. Master Clean – Power Booster

5. Super Boost Cleaner

6. Super fast cleaner

7. Daily horoscope for all zodiac signs

8. Daily Horoscope Free – Compatibility with horoscopes

9. Phone Booster – Clean Master

10. Speed ​​Cleaner – CPU cooler

11. Ultra telephone amplifier

12. Free daily horoscope 2019

13. Free Daily Horoscope Plus – Astrology online

14. Phone Power Booster

15. Ultra Cleaner – Power Boost

16. Master Cleaner – CPU booster

17. Daily horoscope – Astrological prediction

18. Speed ​​Cleaner – CPU cooler

19. Horoscope 2018

20. Meu Horóscopo

21. Master Clean – Power Booster

22. Boost your phone

23. Phone cleaner – Booster, Optimizer

24. Clean Master Pro Booster 2018

25. Clean Master – Booster Pro

26. BoostFX. Android cleaner

27. Daily horoscope

28. Daily horoscope

29. Personal horoscope

Researchers said that the apps do not have advanced tricks & # 39; to continue infecting the device so that they can be easily removed.

Victims can easily delete by navigating to Settings, then General and clicking on Application Management / Apps, ESET noted.

We also advise you to check your bank account for suspicious transactions and to consider changing your internet banking / PIN code, the researchers said.

ESET also added that Android users should ensure that they only download apps from Google Play, and ensure that they check how often they have been downloaded, as well as their ratings.

They advise users to pay attention to the permissions that they grant to a particular app after they have been downloaded to their device.