China is conducting drone competition with stealth aircraft

China rolls stealth drones and pilotless aircraft with deadly weapons, such as AK-47 guns, on world markets.

Battle drones belonged to jet fighters, missiles and other military hardware that were shown this week at Airshow China, the country's largest aerospace industry.

China's automated warplanes are already flying in the Middle East, and the newly unmanned unmanned jet fighters point to Beijing's determination to catch the United States on their backlog and eventually in the global military drone market.

Visitors to the Airshow China take photo's of CH-7, the latest stealth fighting drone from China

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are in talks to buy the blowfish A2 made by China (photo). A director of Ziyan, the manufacturer of the helicopter drone, said that she & # 39; whatever & # 39; adding weapons that customers need for the unmanned aircraft

One of the most eye-catching drones shown at the Zhuhai exhibition was CH-7, or Rainbow-7, the latest stealth fighting dragon from China.

The delta-winged stealth drone received a lot of attention, paying attention to the growing production of advanced unmanned aircraft and the attempt to compete with the huge military fleet in America.

CH-7 – an anthracite gray unmanned UAV at the air show – is the length of a tennis court with a span of 22 meters (72 feet). It can fly on more than 800 kilometers (500 miles) per hour and at an altitude of 13,000 meters (42,650 feet).

We are confident that customers will quickly contact us with this product & # 39 ;, says Shi Wen, chief engineer of the Caihong (Rainbow) series drones from the state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp. (CASC) ).

CH-7 (photo) will have its test flight next year and in 2022 it will go into mass production

Observers claim that CH-7 appears to be a clone of the X-47B (pictured) of the US Navy

CH-7 would be able to cruise at a maximum altitude of 13,000 meters (42,650 feet) and reach a top speed of 0.75 Mach (571 miles per hour), according to reports from Chinese media

CH-7 & # 39; s first flight is scheduled for late next year.

CASC has customers in about 10 countries, Shi told AFP, while refusing to name them.

& # 39; Some things remain sensitive & # 39 ;, he said.

Beijing claims that the drone was developed in-house with its own know-how, but observers claim that it appears to be a clone of American military drones, especially the X-47B of the US Navy.

With a length of 10 meters (33 feet) and a top speed of 0.75 Mach (571 miles per hour), the CH-7 has a similar size and speed to the X-47B from Northrop Grumman.

AMERICA & # 39; S X-47B

Length: 11.6 meters (38.2 feet)

span: 18.9meters (62.1 feet)

Maximum take-off weight: 19.958 kilograms (£ 44,000)

Maximum flight altitude: 12,800 meters (42,000 feet)

Top speed: High subsonic

Power plant: Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220U

Manufacturer: Northrop Grumman Corporation


Length: 10 meters (33 feet)

span: 22 meters (72 feet)

Maximum take-off weight: 13,000 kilograms (£ 28,660)

Maximum flight altitude: 13,000 meters (42,650 feet)

Top speed: 0.75 Mach (571 miles per hour)

Power plant: Unknown

Manufacturer: China Aerospace and Technology Corporation

A model of China's CH-7 drone can be seen at the Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai

Some also compare CH-7 with the RQ-170 from America (photo), which was captured by Iran in 2011

China has exported its armed UAVs to countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, according to experts.

During the air show in Zhuhai, Chinese drone makers rub their hands on business opportunities.

Security is a real problem in the Middle East. There is really a need for military drones there, "said Wu Xiaozhen, overseas project director at a company called Ziyan.

At the booth of the company, Wu distributed a brochure with his star product: the Blowfish A2, a 62-centimeter (24-inch) helicopter drone with Kevlar armor.

& # 39; We can add an AK-47 or a machine gun. Different weapons can be installed, whatever the customer wants, & # 39; she told AFP.

Abu Dhabi is already a customer, while Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are talking to the company to acquire the drone.

& # 39; We also focus on Western markets. Our product is of high quality, & # 39; she said. We are not afraid of competition from Europeans and Americans. & # 39;

CH-5, also known as Rainbow-5, can be seen during the 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in 2016. Recently a new propaganda film of the combat planet has been released

The latest film shows the deadly military drone that hits stationary and moving targets in live fire exercises

Beijing has less trouble than the United States when it comes to selling its military UAVs to other countries.

The Iraqi army has used CASC's CH-4 drone to carry out at least 260 strikes against the Islamic State group, reported Chinese media earlier this year.

In Yemen, where a civil war has led to what the UN calls the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, the army of the United Arab Emirates has allegedly attacked a Shiite rebel leader with a Chinese-made drone.

"The Chinese have produced a huge range of drones and this seems to be an area that they expect to make big progress", says Steve Tsang, director of the China Institute of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). ) in London.

& # 39; The export and deployment of them should enable them to improve their design while being tested in a real combat environment, "Tsang said.

The Iraqi army has used the Chinese CH-4 drone (photo) to perform at least 260 strikes

The United States has enough deadly drones, but it has restrictions on exporting them out of fear that the technology could be copied or used against its own troops.

Some of those restrictions were lifted for US allies in April, with the government of President Donald Trump calling competition from Chinese knock-offs, but even a solid ally such as Jordan could not buy American drones.

The American rules gave Beijing the opportunity to fill the void and sell its drones to other countries, but the & # 39; competitive & # 39; China's prizes also helped, said James Char, an expert on the Chinese army at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Beijing is currently promoting serial military drones called Caihong or Rainbow. The range of aircraft includes the latest CH-7 and mass production CH-5, branded as the "deadliest drone-bomber". in China.

Chinese drones now fly in the Middle East, because Beijing is more willing than the United States to sell its military UAVs to other countries. Battle drones belonged to jet fighters, missiles and other military hardware that were shown this week at Airshow China (photo)

The various unmanned aerial vehicles shown at Airshow China indicate that Beijing is determined to catch up and eventually compete with the United States on the worldwide military drone market