Convercent launches on Microsoft Azure to enable customers to securely contribute to solving ethical, regulatory and compliance challenges

DENVER, February 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Convercent, the leading provider of ethics and compliance software, today announced its launch on Microsoft Azure, supporting Convecent's global expansion.

In recent years, the business world has seen numerous changes to compliance regulations. One of these recent regulations, the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR), represents the most radical change in data legislation in recent decades and is designed to protect citizens' rights. With Azure, Convercent supports ethics and compliance customers in 138 countries to manage and oversee changes to these regulations securely and on a large scale.

Convercent offers its 600 global customers of all sizes and industries a solution that not only conforms to these regulatory changes, but also to personalization and control. Azure Active Directory supports rich, enterprise-class single sign-on with Convercent ready for use. Users log in using their organizational accounts hosted in Azure Active Directory.

"The main goal of Convecent has always been to support our clients' ethical health by providing an easy way to comply with complicated regulations as they evolve and change," said Philip Winterburn, Convector's chief product officer. "Based on Microsoft Azure, we are able to securely link business performance to our customers' ethics, by encouraging ethical actions and behavior in today's business environment.

David Burt, Microsoft's Trusted Cloud Senior Product Manager, said, "In our cloud-first world, companies need simpler, more intuitive ways to ensure compliance by combining Convercent's ethical capabilities with the encryption power of Microsoft Azure data, common customers will be equipped with key tools for creating a compliance and ethics program. "

For more information on Convercent's work with Azure, visit our website and our page in the Azure Marketplace.

About Convercent As the world's leading provider of ethics and compliance software, Convercent weaves ethics and values ​​into day-to-day operations at some of the world's largest and most admired companies. Its ethical cloud platform, which includes a suite of applications, including Convecent Insights, Convecent Helpline, Convecent Campaigns, Convecent Disclosures and Convecent Third Party, leverages a global data set to provide entrepreneurs with the information they need to make informed and proactive decisions on Health business ethics. Companies use Convercent to interact with employees, understand organizational risk, and create opportunities for more robust and sustained business performance.

Convercent has over 600 global customers, including Microsoft, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Capgemini and Under Armor. Clients cover all sectors, regions and sizes and represent a growing family of business leaders who are deeply concerned about guiding ethics at the center of their organizations. Convercent is based in Denver, CO, with an international office in London. The company is supported by Sapphire Ventures, Tola Capital and Azure Capital Partners.

Emily Busse