Core i5-9600K arrives under Geekbench … no revolution

Core i5-9600K arrives under Geekbench … no revolution

This benchmark talks about him again with the arrival in his database of the Intel Core i5-9600K processor.

This chip is part of the next family of 9 Coreth generation. It was forgotten because of the arrival of 8-core solutions with the Core i7-9700K and Core i9-9900K. However, a better perf / price ratio is expected than that proposed by the current Core i5-8600K.

This solution offers six physical cores without hyper-threading. Intel plans to revise the operating frequency somewhat. If the Core i5-8600K is calibrated at 3.6 GHz for a Turbo Boost mode at 4.3 GHz, this Core i5-9600K will be powered at 3.70 GHz with a Turbo Boost frequency at 4.60 GHz.

Core i5-9600K, performance

His arrival in the Geekbench database allows for performance scores in mono and multi-core. The application returns respective scores of 6015 and 23.393.

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