CS: GO hints at potential new Portal content from Valve - MegaGames

Valve's recent expansion of Counter Strike: Global Offensive with its new battle royale-inspired, Danger Zone, fashion and free-to-play sales model, has also hinted at a potential return of Valve's Portal franchise. Hidden within a bank of computers within the Danger Zone map there seems to be a joke, or sorts, about Portal, and fans are hoping we could see that we could expand.

Portal is one of Valve's most popular and enduring game series. With just two games to have its name, Portal has a detailed game universe that expands on the previous Half Life stories, while it is not the right way to talk about it. limited – world to explore.

But it's nearly eight years since the last Portal game, so the idea of ​​more in that universe has fans excited.

In the Danger Zone map, Black Site, there's a motel or sorts and room three is boarded up. While that may be a Half Life 3 joke, there is actually a secret in the room and there are a number of computers in there. If you stand by the computers, there is a sequence of numbers and letters in the NATO phonetic alphabet, as YouTuber Snaileny explans.

When decrypted, that message reads: "This was a triumph, I'm making a note here: Huge Success." A classic line from Portal's cake song. Just a joke that Valve's new Battle Royale fashion is a huge success? Or is it a suggestion that Valve is working on Portal again?

Other hints include surveillance cameras on the map which all point to a sunken ship – a hint of the Borealis from Portal 2 and Half life 2: Episode 2, perhaps?

What do you guys think?