Dell Latitude 7400 in Hands on: Strong Business 2-in-1 at a competitive price - -

Dell unveiled a new Business 2-in-1 at the CES 2019 Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Latitude 7400 comes with a 14-inch display in a compact and sturdy metal housing. looked at the device in a first Hands On closer.

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Striking is the good craftsmanship of the Latitude 7400: the metal housing has clearly defined edges, the 360-degree hinge has no unnecessary reach and is easy to move. However, it is strong enough to maintain the chosen position. As is common with 2-in-1 devices, the keyboard can also be folded all the way back to the new Latitude.

With just under 320 x 200 mm, the Latitude 7400 is compact with a view to the 14-inch display. This is made possible by a very narrow frame around the display. Nevertheless, the webcam is installed above the screen – so that the device does not have a "nose camera" like the one on Dell's XPS-13 models. The manufacturer also moved the camera there, but the new model has been backed up.

Dell opted for a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. For the intended use, business applications, that's enough. The colors and the stability of the viewing angles make a good impression on us.

The keyboard has a pleasant stroke. The pressure point is clear, the trigger pad just right. Even the writing of longer texts should be fun on the Latitude 7400. In direct comparison, we find the keyboard more fun than the new XPS 13, which is more sensitive and especially poorly lit.

The new Latitude 7400 from Dell (Image: Martin Wolf /

The Latitude 7400 comes with an Intel Core CPU of the 8th generation (WHL-U) and a maximum of 16 GB of RAM. Because the memory can be installed up to 1 TB. Battery life would, according to Dell, be up to 24 hours – however, the manufacturer points out that this is the result of a particular test and that the actual lifetime could be significantly lower. The battery must charge up to 80 percent of the charge within an hour.

The Latitude 7400 comes with Windows 10 and supports Windows Hello. Unlike other Windows PCs, users do not have to explicitly activate the device to unlock it: a sensor detects when someone is in front of the device and automatically wakes up the computer. Windows Hello can then use the camera to unlock the Latitude directly. In addition, the Latitude automatically activates the lock screen when the user leaves the device.

The Latitude 7400 has a number of ports. In addition to two USB-A ports, the user has two USB-C ports, an HDMI output, a headphone socket and a micro SD card reader.


In general, the Latitude 7400 makes a very good impression on us. The 2-in-1 offers a range of practical installation options thanks to 360-degree hinges, the keyboard feels good.

The high-quality craftsmanship and technical equipment have their price: Dell wants to have 1,600 US dollars for the entry-level version – the device should be more expensive with more memory. Prices for Germany are not yet known, in the US the Latitude 7400 is available from March 2019.