Do you want a piece of the moon? This is the auction

If you always wanted to have a piece of the moon, but never left the earth, you can get a moonstone of more than five kilos until October 18th.

A moon meteorite of five and a half kilos goes to the auction and can be sold for more than 434 thousand euros, based on a tender.

The meteorite NWA 11789 (informally known as Buagaba) consists of six fragments, which fit together like a puzzle, the largest of which weighs about 2.7 kilograms. Although it was found in Mauritania in 2017, it was probably already thousands of years ago in the country and it is one of the largest pieces of the moon ever on the market.

Most of the moonstones on earth are as big as a walnut or a golf ball. "It is almost a one-off discovery," said Geoff Notkin, the current owner of Buagaba, the star of the television series Meteorito Men and founder of Aerolite Meteoritos, a company specializing in technology, against . meteorite sales.

When it went through the earth's atmosphere, the stone hardened with extreme heat.

Vice President of Auctions RR, Robert Livingston, told the Associated Press that the meteorite would add value to any collection of natural history, but would not be admired if a private collector were to take the highest guess. "This is the only way for collectors to catch this moon because the moonstones brought by the astronauts are owned by the government of the United States of America," he says.