Facebook prototypes Not sent 6 months after Zuckerberg has withdrawn messages

Facebook prototypes Not sent 6 months after Zuckerberg has withdrawn messages

In April, TechCrunch broke the news that some Facebook messages from Mark Zuckerberg were removed from the inbox of the recipient in what some say infringed on users' trust and abuse of power since Facebook Messenger has no button & # 39; Unsend & # 39 ;. The next morning, Facebook suddenly announced that it would build this Unsend functionality for everyone. But six months passed without taking a look at the function, raising the suspicion that the announcement that it would release an Unsend button was only a PR-driven response to the scandal, even if Facebook just took the time to find out how to build it.

At the end of last week, TechCrunch asked Facebook about its progress on Unsend prior to the six-month mark, and the company told us: "Although we do not have anything to announce today, we have confirmed earlier that we are planning a function as send them and still plan to do this. "

Now we have our first look at the function thanks to TechCrunch's favorite tip-off Jane Manchun Wong. She has managed to generate screenshots of a prototype Unsend button from Facebook Messenger's Android code. Other Facebook prototypes discovered by Wong, such as Your Activity's screen dashboard, Instagram video calling and music stickers, and more features have been officially introduced.

Currently you can only delete messages from your own inbox – they are still in the inbox of the recipient. But with this prototype of the Unsend function you can delete a message from both sides of a conversation. However, the code indicates that there is a "time limit" in the current prototype. This may mean that users only need a certain amount of time after they have sent a message to make it disappear. That would essentially be an editing window where users could take back what they said.

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