Facebook Under Criminal Investigation for its offers with Apple, Microsoft and Sony

Facebook criminal charges for data sharing

A grand jury from New York published a petition written on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) on the charge of sharing personal details of its users with at least two smartphone manufacturers and other devices. Following the written one, today the US federal detective agency would open the door new criminal proceedings on Facebook to share sensitive personal information of users with over 150 multinationals that include powerful technological players such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Sony.

The alleged infringing data includes the phone number of the user, other contact details, the list of friends and even some of their private messages.

This is really a critical summons for Facebook as it is experiencing the repercussions of privacy issues that are reported as a series of data threats. This was actually put at the center by the foreshadowing of a political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica, for the inappropriate use of the Facebook user base which relied on data of 87 million people.

"We are collaborating with investigators and we take these probes seriously," a Facebook spokesman said in a statement

According to The NewYorkTimes, the mass registers of those mounted at the end of 2017 by the Facebook internal monitoring team have the task of keeping track of the partnerships with those multinational companies for sharing user data as a business. This curated register exposes the dark side of Facebook's business sharing practices. These documents provide a clear and in-depth view of how a common man's personal data has become the most valued and sought-after digital arena, which has been exchanged over the years on a large scale by some of the most influential and powerful Silicon Valley giants and beyond.

It seems very clever to cheat a common man right?!

It was expected that this exclusive data exchange would benefit both parties on a reciprocal basis, as previously expected. The implementation of the crafty plan sets a great driving force for the exponential growth of Facebook; the company has over 2.3 billion Internet users in its fold, thus collecting revenue streams that flow from digital advertisements.

The multinational partner companies producing smartphones have had an incredible opportunity to produce their product with a great luster of features and a glamorous look based on the insights derived from the hoarding of usage data provided by Facebook. Too bad that Facebook users were not aware of the fact that their data was in a commodity, used to connect with kith and relatives on various types of devices and websites. Although Facebook boasted about the privacy transparency shield, making data control to its robust 2.3 billion users, it actually diminished users' trust by sharing their personal data with partners.

Facebook has strongly defended partnerships. The social media giant has declared that these partnerships, allowed by a section of the provisions of the F.T.C. agreement establishes that service providers and companies could act as an extension of the social media network.

Reacting to these serious accusations, Facebook has implemented crucial measures in recent times to combat the privacy problems of the data breach. These measures are also seen as attempts to regain the trust of users, to a large extent. Earlier this month, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a curative pilot plan that would help Facebook avoid being just a public sharing platform. By enabling more privacy features for its applications, Mark Zuckerberg is moving towards the goal of turning Facebook into a Super Platform.

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