Fan-made PT Remake captures the fearsome terrifying fears of the original

P.T, the demo for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro & # 39; s fateful Quiet hills, has received a deep cult support since the release and eventual de-listing in the PlayStation Store after Kojima broke up with Konami. A new PC remake captures most of the experience for those who do not yet have it on our PlayStations.

The PC remake was made by Artur Łączkowski and was still available for download at the time of publication. It recreates P.TThe iconic looping gait and, although it does not use the same character model as the infamous Lisa, has a terrifying spirit that can strike at any moment. It is not the first remake that has to be made; games like PT for PC and other projects have tried to recreate the game. They have inevitably claimed Konami removal requests. Spiritual successor Allison Road was announced in 2015 but has not yet been released. If you are curious about how this works, you can look down for five minutes. Gosh, P.T. still scares me …

Physical exercise has captured the imagination of players since its release in 2014. Secret hunters only started to retrieve new content a year after the release and the design was heavily influenced Resident Evil 7His own secret demo. Consoles whose game is still on it are known to sell at extreme prices, although sites such as eBay have been squeezed during the sale. Last week there were rumors that a new patch disabled the game for good on all other consoles, but fortunately that was untrue. Łączkowski has shown interest in a Silent Hill 2 remake, but it remains to be seen if that project is shattered by Konami. (What it absolutely will be.) If there is something else, he seems aware that this remake will not last long.

"Guys, if you have not done it yet, you can still use my P.T. Remake," he said in a tweet. Do it as soon as possible before Konami has closed it! "