First check: Apple introduces the iPhone XS - but the Galaxy Note 9 is better in two categories

Apple has introduced its new iPhone generation. With the iPhone XS and the Xs Max, the group wants to continue its successful course. But what are the new models worth? Last but not least, Apple is competing with Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung, which has similar strong features and is much cheaper.


The display should not be affected by the iPhone XS, Apple emphasizes. The smartphone even has a Super Retina display with high contrast and an optional 5.8 or 6.5-inch screen. The latest OLED technology has been installed. Here, the Galaxy Note 9, but can easily keep up. The Samsung phone has a 6.4 inch and also a razor-sharp OLED screen.


No reliable statements can yet be made about the battery life of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Apple promises that the battery in both models lasts longer than its predecessor iPhone X. The Galaxy Note 9 captivates, according to CHIP, by its excellent battery life. Samsung currently has its nose a bit ahead thanks to a battery capacity of 3500 mAh.


The cameras of both smartphones hardly differ in terms of hardware. Both the new iPhone and the Galaxy Note 9 have a 12 megapixel dual camera. In terms of software, both cameras also offer a variety of gadgets thanks to artificial intelligence.

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Users have free choice on the iPhone XS and Xs Max in terms of memory. Both models come with 64, 256 and 512 GB storage capacity in three variants. The Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung comes with 128 or 512 GB of internal memory. Plus for the Note 9: the microSD card can expand the memory to a terabyte.


Samsung is leading the way as usual. The Note 9 has a comparable good equipment as the iPhone XS, but costs much less. Depending on the model selected, the price difference between the two mobile phones is about € 300 or much more.

conclusion: The Galaxy Note 9 runs the new iPhone XS at least in terms of battery performance and price of the grade. The first tests have yet to show whether the new iPhone can actually keep its battery power in terms of battery power.