Fortnite: Epic Games works against & # 39; cowardly & # 39; profit tactics

Streamer and tournament players in question

In Fortnite, Epic Games is against a winning tactic that is criticized by many players as "cowardly" and "unfair". Especially streamer and tournament players used the method and were able to win more easily. But from now on, the developers make it much more difficult to use the trick successfully.

In Fortnite, Epic Games goes against a winning tactic that annoyed many players and was even called "unfair" and "cowardly". (Source: Epic Games)

The update 6.22 for Fortnite changes a lot in the popular shooter from Epic Games. It also makes the storm stronger and this of course has consequences for so many players and tournament players, because one of the most successful profit methods in Fortnite is made so much more difficult by Epic Games.

But what is the tactic? We are talking about the so-called "heal-off" method, in which the last survivors in the battle of Battle Royale prefer to hide in the storm, stay away from the shrinking circle of the battlefield and avoid opponents. Although the storm in Fortnite causes permanent damage to your game character, but the users of the trick have been able to counteract the whole good with healing items.

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Then users of the trick would only have to wait long enough for the other players in the battlefield to gradually decimate. Ultimately, it was only to eliminate the few remaining opponents. This tactic was intended primarily for viewers of live streams and tournaments for critical comments from fans who criticized the procedure as "cowardly" and "unfair", as can be seen in the Reddit online forum.

The storm in Fortnite is getting stronger

With the update 6.22, the storm will cause another 10 damage in the future, instead of a damage of 8 as before. This complicates the "healing" tactic and there are significantly more healing items needed to make a player in the storm stay alive. The extent to which tactics can still be used effectively by professionals remains to be seen.

Users such as "Kariyu" express their satisfaction with Reddit's approach to the developers: "Thank God they changed the storm". But other players show with their messages that they are happy with the change.

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