Getaway developer rentals for an exclusive PlayStation AAA

Sie London Studio is currently hiring an exclusive PlayStation AAA.

The London Studio by Sony is best known for games like The Getaway, EyeToy and Singstar. Although they have mainly worked on titles and virtual reality games in the Singstar franchise in recent years, they are currently taking on the responsibility of offering an "AAA" experience.

The suggestion comes from a job announcement for a Game Designer intended to "join an exciting team working on innovative interactive experiences designed for the mainstream public".

Here is the main lowdown of the position:

This is a practical role focused on implementing and fine-tuning the mechanisms and working with other designers to ensure delivery of an AAA experience.

The game should be run on Unreal Engine 4 since the "Unreal Engine Experience" job list is one of the required qualifications.

SIE London Studio has not worked on a typical AAA title since 2002 of The Getaway and in 2004 of The Getaway: Black Monday on PS2. A third game in the series called The Getaway 3 was under development for the PS3 but was canceled in 2008 while the studio focused its efforts on its strengths i.e Singstar and EyeToy. However, the possibilities of this new game being in the same vein as the games above are slim as the studio is now highly focused on VR with them creating their own VR technology called LSSDK Engine.

Sie London Studio is currently working on Blood and Truth for PS VR, which does not have a release date yet.

What do you think is the new London Studio game? A new VR title? A return to The Getaway franchise? Something brand new? Let us know in the comments below.

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