Google has changed the settings on a number of phones with Android 9 Pie remotely

Google has changed the settings on a number of phones with Android 9 Pie remotely

Yesterday, a mix of people who own Google Pixel phones and other devices with Android 9 Pie that the Battery Saver feature of the software was turned on – apparently completely by itself. Strangely enough, this happened when the phones were almost fully charged, not when the battery was nearly empty. As reported by Android police, initially it was assumed that this was a small mistake in the latest version of Android, which was released a few weeks ago. Some users thought they might have turned on Battery Saver without realizing it.

But it was actually Google that was wrong.

The company posted a message on Reddit last night with the confirmation of "an internal experiment to test battery-saving features that have been unintentionally rolled out for more users than intended." So Google had remotely – and by mistake – changed a phone setting for a bunch of real computers customers. Several executives at The edge to experience the problem. "We have now reset the battery saving settings to the default values, please configure as desired," the Pixel team wrote to Reddit before apologizing for the error.

However, this was not only limited to Pixel phones; Devices such as the Essential Phone, OnePlus 6, Nokia handsets and others with Pie (even in beta form) enable Battery Saver without any action from a user. According to Google, Battery Saver, if active,

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