Google Maps warns quickly about lightning


Google Maps users will soon be able to report cameras directly to the app.

Google Maps users will soon be able to report cameras directly to the app.(Photo: Androidpolice)

Wednesday 7 November 2018

Google Maps could soon have a new useful feature: Google is currently testing a reporting feature that allows users to alert each other about speed checks and accidents.

The days that you needed a car in the car to get safely from A to B are long gone, many are now dependent on the route calculation of their map apps, especially Google Maps. The app has useful functions for drivers, such as viewing traffic information and traffic alerts in real time. Soon another useful function could be added.

Users must be able to warn before lightning and accidents.

Users must be able to warn before lightning and accidents.(Photo: imago / Rust)

Google is currently testing a feature that allows card users to report crashes and speed cameras directly to the app, including & # 39; Cachy & # 39; s Blog & # 39; The information is immediately shown to all other users. Because the function is in the test phase, it is currently only available to a small number of users.

Tests in Australia

According to "Androidpolice", there was already a few months ago the first indication that Google wants to introduce the reporting function. In a discussion thread on Reddit, Australian users now report that they can report speed checks and accidents in the app.

Up to now, the function is only available if you use the navigation of maps. A small bubble icon appears at the bottom left of the screen. A hint opens the message function. If you pass an already registered safety camera, Maps will ask the users if the information is still current.

The reporting function is part of the Waze navigation app package, which uses user community information for route guidance. Waze users can inform each other about accidents, traffic jams and speed cameras, road damage or cheap petrol stations. Google has taken over the service in 2013, but its functions have not yet been integrated into Maps. When and if Google unlocks the flash messages for all Maps users, is currently uncertain.