Hitman 2 will contain a competitive multiplayer

In Ghost mode, two players are put on a card and they get the same goal to eliminate. The first player to win five times kills wins. But things are not as simple as anything that sounds. In mode, players will indeed be on identical cards, but they will not be in each other's world. In other words, no player will have a direct influence on what happens to the other player. However, similar to games such as Dark souls, you will definitely see the "mind" of the other player, a pretty frightening monochromatic version of Agent 47. Your opponents will be visible at all times, so you will be able to see exactly how they are behind the goal, or you can be more strategic and try to devise your own, faster path to the prize. The image at the top of this story is a good illustration of this fact. Here you can see that both versions of Agent 47 remove the same target. But while the player in the foreground tries to strangle his prey, the Ghost character has already finished the job with a muted pistol that he picked up on the way.