How long will the Fallout 76 servers be online? "Forever," says Bethesda Boss

Unlike the previous Fallout games, Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer-focused game that requires an internet connection. So what happens if Bethesda has to shut down the servers at some point? That is not something that Bethesda thinks about, and certainly not in his conversations with the public, because the company thinks that Fallout 76 can last until the sun runs out.

"How tall is [Fallout 76] go up? Forever, "Hines told GameSpot, doubling what he said earlier." I do not know how to give another answer. It's not like someone makes a game and says: "Well, this is going to take 10 years if we're lucky." Nobody thinks so. How long has WoW been working on? Does that game plan to photograph in a year? I seriously doubt it. "

Fallout 76 requires an internet connection and Bethesda is required to pay for servers. As we have seen in other franchises with online support, there may come a time when developers understandably choose to focus on newer titles with more active player populations. Hines suggested that Bethesda would stop using Fallout 76 when people stop playing, but again, he stressed that Bethesda's support for Fallout 76 is to be "infinite."

"We will continue as long as people keep playing and it does not show signs of delay," he said. "Once we're close to private servers or whatever happens in the years that follow, I do not know, maybe there's a time when it does not matter, but … this is a huge franchise and a huge business , and our dedication to it is it is infinite, and that it remains on a permanent basis. "

Because Fallout 76 is an online game, Bethesda would have to decide to pull the plug on the servers, what does this affect the idea of ​​ownership of the game? Hines said that game properties are "not relevant at the moment" because: "I see a plan for this game for years and years and years." So talking about when it is not finished is irrelevant, I have nothing to do with it. see that it will not end forever. "

In the past, when games had little or no online functionality, they would theoretically continue to work until the end of time. But in this new era of connected experiences that has changed and it will be interesting to see how that affects the idea of ​​what it means to have a game. The theme of preserving the game for historical and educational purposes also plays a role here. If, for example, a museum wanted to keep the Fallout 76 and let participants play in 50 or 100 years, it is not certain if that is possible.

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Fallout 76 is an online game and that does not mean that Bethesda has finished making games for one player. Rage 2, released in 2019, is a pure game for one player, while Doom Eternal also has a player for one player. In addition, the next game from Bethesda Game Studios, the sci-fi title Starfield, & # 39; completely singleplayer & # 39 ;, said Hines.

"Our explanation was not that we were ever going to be a single player, it will remain an important part of what we do, but part of it, we are also the guys who do The Elder Scrolls Online, we are also the guys that The Elder Scrolls Legends do, "Hines said.

In December 2017, Bethesda released an ironic video with Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter calling on gamers to "save" the gamer for one player. Many of Bethesda's biggest games were more focused on single-player, so it caught some people in the industry when Bethesda announced the ever-online Fallout 76. As Hines explains, Bethesda still believes in single-player, but he also wants to try new things on the multiplayer side as well.

Also in our interview, Hines emphasized that Bethesda corporate does not give its development studio a mandate on what to do next. Some people believed that the new online direction of Fallout 76 was the result of management's search for money, but Hines says this is not true. It was entirely the decision of the developer to make Fallout 76 an online game from the beginning. And more generally, Hines talked about how Bethesda gives his teams the freedom to make what they want.

"It's up to our developers and to the types of experiences they want to create that will really drive what we make, as opposed to," X percent of our games should have a heavy emphasis on single-player or single-player. "That's crazy and arbitrary, what does Arkane want to do next? What does BGS want to do now? Let's focus on those things and how enthusiastic we become, and if we are, we'll feel like everyone will."

Fallout 76 is launched on November 14 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. A version of the game for Nintendo Switch "could not be done", says Hines.