Huawei and Samsung joke about Apple updates

Although the new iPhones will have features that do not have their previous versions, technology experts say they are only features that are already present in other brands

EU-.Ayer during the presentation of Apple made in the Steve Jobs theater, located in Cupertino, California, unveiled the 3 new devices of the brand: Apple Watch, iPhone Xs and Xr.

Jeff Williams, Director of the company's activities, revealed the featuresof each device, ensure that & # 39; They are the best of the market & # 39;.

Super-resistant glass, increase in memory, more battery, augmented reality, waterproof and various other peculiarities that enchanted thousands of people around the world.

Apple launches iPhone Xr, costs 18 thousand pesos

However, there was a brand that crushed the US company's efforts with just one comment & # 39 ;:Huawei.

As you know, for a few years now, technology experts accuse Apple of not innovative and only adding functions already present in other brands.

On this basis, after the conference was broadcast live on the internet, the Chinese company used social networks & # 39; Pest & # 39; the new iPhones.

We admire your efforts, but they have to look more to the future"Says the publication that shows a device 3 cameras & # 39; s.

In a few hours the post reached 2000 responses and it was shared 912 times.

In the same way, Samsung he did his thing and shared a publication in which he refers to his Galaxy Note 9 It has a lot more memory than the new Apple devices.

If you are looking for more than 512 GB (capacity of the new iPhones), extend your memory to 1TB with # GalaxyNote9.

As expected, the netizens joked about this and made their own memes.

How do I sleep after the Apple event knowing that I will have the same iPhone for two years? "

The only update that interests me. "

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