Hyper Jam brings Combat powered by Synthwave to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Today

MELBOURNE, VIC. – 12 February 2019 – Hyper Jam, the neon brawl of Bit Dragon, invites all challengers to join the fight now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Enter the ring and annihilate the competition with a combined arsenal of lethal weapons and superpowers. Use katanas, rocket launchers, crossbows and other lethal weapons in lightning games that support up to four players both locally and online with multi-platform matchmaking. Upgrade characters between a round and a draft from a series of transformative benefits that amplify each other, open up new strategies and create destructive combinations.

Hyper Jam's raging rhythm rewards constant movement, but pay attention to the environment while avoiding incoming attacks and chasing enemies. Each phase presents environmental risks, such as the insidious protrusions of Miami hotels or the Neo-Tokyo subway trains, which can neutralize a player as quickly as any weapon.

Once sent, a fallen player can launch laser attacks on his living colleagues to finish them. They will also have priority over others in drafting bonuses for the next round, giving the losers the opportunity to come back after the leaders with their favorite powerups. The winners will have to settle for what is left and to get a final victory after reaching the score limit, they will have to overcome all in a final round to become champions.

"Hyper Jam was a work of love for our team,"said Roman Maksymyschyn, director of Bit Dragon."Combine our love for fast-paced multiplayer action and the '80s aesthetic in an incredible experience, whether you're looking for a board game to have fun with friends or something more strategic and seriously competitive. Regardless of where you are, we wish you to offer Hyper Jam already available for console and PC."

Drawing inspiration from the 80s in more than one fashion, Hyper Jam combines his retrofuturistic visions with a killer synthwave soundtrack with familiar tracks from Carpenter Brut, Dance With the Dead, and other favorite tracks that recall the intense gameplay on the screen.

Hyper Jam is now available for $ 14.99 / ¢, $ 14.99 / $ 22.45 AUD on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On PC, the game is available for $ 12.99 / €, € 10.79 / $ 18.50 AUD. Meanwhile, Steam users and subscribers of PlayStation Plus in North America can now purchase Hyper Jam at a 10% discount, while European PlayStation Plus subscribers receive a 15% discount. The brawler arena offers support options in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

To learn more about Hyper Jam, visit the official website, follow the game on Twitter, Instagram, as on Facebook and join the Discord server.

About Bit Dragon:

Bit Dragon is a small independent studio based in Melbourne, Australia. This group of talented young developers is dedicated to creating unforgettable and highly refined multiplayer experiences.