Innovation: HTC brings its independent VR glasses to the United States and other markets

These HTC Vive glasses that do not require external sensors or desktop computers arrive in the US. with a price of US $ 599, which promises a good virtual reality (VR) experience.

The HTC Vive Focus is one of the most anticipated VR glasses (virtual reality) and although they were officially presented in November last year, the glasses were officially only launched in China.

Now comes this "mobile and independent version" of the HTC Vive in the United States and another 36 markets with an emphasis on business.

The HTC Vive Focus is independent because they do not need a mobile phone or are connected to a desktop or laptop to work. Instead, everything is integrated directly into the glasses.

But these glasses are not the only ones that are independent: Oculus Go on Facebook (US $ 199) are already available and the Oculus Quest ($ 399) They will arrive next year. The HTC Vive Focus has a price of US $ 599.

These Facebook devices can also be used in the business environment, but have a stronger focus on the general consumer, unlike the HTC Vive Focus.

Including, HTC offers buyers of the Live Focus a package of service and repair called Advanced and Advanced, which increases costs to US $ 749 or US $ 799, depending on the package you choose.

Unlike Google Cardboard, Daydream View and Samsung Gear VR, the HTC Vive Focus arrives to offer a high-end experience in a mobile way. This means that the experience of these virtual reality glasses (VRs) should not differ too much from what they offer. HTC Vive.

However, it is clear that HTC Vive Focus does not have the same power and will try to test them to determine how high they can be, especially when they integrate a Snapdragon 835 processor, the chip that powers phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy Note 8 from last year.

HTC Vive Focus integrates the AMOLED 3K dual screen that promises & # 39; 6 degrees of freedom & # 39; to offer (6DoF, according to the English acronym) with which you can easily move without external sensors, while the control offers "3 degrees of freedom" "(3DoF, for its abbreviation in English).

Developers have the opportunity to port their Live Vive Wave VR content, the open VR platform they have had in China, controls that fit on 3DoF or keep the 6DoF that they can use with other extra accessories.

In addition, HTC has also announced a new SDK (development kit) for the Vive Wave VR platform that can be used to create content for businesses or consumers with the option of enabling them on various devices.

HTC has also announced the Vive Sync app, which allows companies to hold virtual reality meetings. With Live Sync, up to 20 employees can be present at a meeting at the same time.

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