iPhone: a gigantic Touch ID on the entire surface of the screen? - Mac4ever

This has been the case since the presentation of the iPhone X TouchID loses momentum at Apple. Is replaced by FaceID on the latest iPhone and iPad Pro, it would not have been abandoned so far and could know some important changes.

This is the heart of one new patent application -intitule " Acoustic pulse coding for imaging surfaces "– with which the problem of the existence of the sensor can be circumvented. Indeed, it must occupy an important place on the iPhone (although some rumors have been degraded to the background), which reduces the display area. Apple, however, would consider the possibility of itadd fingerprint recognition to your mobile devices (next to FaceID and not instead of?) using acoustic imaging integrated in the entire screen.

The system describes how sound pulses are sent to a surface to detect how an object comes into contact with them. The ridges and folds of the fingerprint will then interrupt the path of these pulses and be reflected, analyzed and interpreted to create an image that identifies the user. In short, this can be one fingerprint to be scanned when a finger is pressed anywhere on the screen.



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