IPhone users change their smartphone less often than before - iPhoneAddict

Apple has already said that sales of the iPhone in the last quarter had dropped. This phenomenon is partly explained by the period in which customers keep their phones.

Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Bernstein Research, says that consumers are separating more and more telephone renewals. In the case of the iPhone, users used a new model every three years – this was still the case last year. This time we went through a renewal period every four years.

How to explain this phenomenon? Several points: the high price of the iPhone, the program to change the battery to 29 €, the fact that we are buying more and more phones at a high price and no longer with the operators, and much more. "In our opinion, the main controversy surrounding Apple today is the replacement cycle of the iPhone, and despite the growth of the iPhone's installed base (+ 9%) last year, we now expect the units to be down 19% for the 2019 fiscal year. , which means a significant increase in the discount rates. "says the analyst in his note.

It is now difficult to know how much Apple iPhone is selling every quarter as the manufacturer has decided not to communicate this data. According to fixed estimates, sales fell by about 15% in the last quarter.