iPhone Xs: China advertises the world's first iPhone with two SIM cards

Apple smartphone with support for two SIM cards has waited a long time. The first mention of this was found in the firmware code iOS 12, and now about the fast release of such a device, says the advertising from China. However, it is possible that the two-pin iPhone will only be released on this market.

It is not yet clear which of the three iPhone 2018 will be equipped with two SIM cards. According to rumors, the "budget" 6.1-inch iPhone was the first candidate for this role, but in later leaks it was claimed that this would be the largest smartphone in the line-up – the upcoming 6.4-inch iPhone Xs Plus. However, support for the two "simok" can get all three devices.

Anyway, the company will market the & # 39; budget & # 39; iPhone XC (or iPhone 9) a month or two later, so the most impatient start selling the iPhone Xs Plus with a price tag of $ 999. Happy or unhappy for users of the two operators, we will already know this Wednesday, September 12.

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