It is still the honeymoon, but keepers love the new Destiny 2

At Destiny 2 the veterans are enthusiastic about the game with Forsaken. There is so much to do. Although it is still the honeymoon, many things now seem to be really better.

What is meant by honeymoon? At Destiny 2 keepers are generally in a good mood. The only thing that bothers you is this & # 39; honeymoon & # 39; feeling. The fear of waking up from the joyful intoxication at some point and then being disappointed.

Before the release of Destiny 2, the players were also enthusiastic, until they realized that there was not much waiting for them after the campaign.

At Forsaken, the mood is as euphoric as in September 2017. Most Guardians are still in the middle of the game after a week and realize that Destiny 2 will continue to expand when they reach Power Level 500 and close the campaign.

Bungie further increases this expectation. So the robber two days ago, the first patch is just the tip of the iceberg, from what to wait for the players.

Destiny 2 Forsaken 25

How do the holders of Forsaken stand up? At Reddit, a player expressly praises Forsaken for the following points:

  • The campaign
  • The new weapons slots
  • The new weapons (especially bows)
  • Gambit is fantastic
  • The Lore expansions are great – now you finally have an in-game grimoire
  • The crucible is good
  • The Dreaming City is the best zone in the game so far

But with caution However, the euphoric guard also ends his eulogy with the honeymoon reference: I do not know how I feel in a month, but for now I am completely in love again.

Destiny 2 abandoned Dreaming City trailer 1

Waiters are now waiting for the attack: The mail on reddit receives a lot of approval.

Users say they can not remember when they last play Destiny as they are now.

Even critics of the game, who had a good hair to bungie for just a year, are at least mild at the moment.

In the end, many still want to wait with the cheers until the robbery starts. The guardians make high demands here. Because for the hardcore PvE player, the robbery determines the motivation in the long term.

Destiny 2 abandoned Dreaming City 2

That is why this is a good sign:

  • Much of what is now being praised about Destiny 2 are game mechanics that will work in the long term.
  • Although the criticism is often "bugs" or "exploits", this should be resolved relatively quickly.

Although it is really too early for euphoria, but the first week is completely positive. There is reason for optimism. Most of them seem to feel that they have received a good deal for Forsaken for their money.

Especially the changes in game mechanics seem to be great with the veterans, because you can oversee so many glitches or false starts.

Even the biggest critic in the MeinMMO team is impressed by Forsaken: