Lara and us: Igromania opened the "Launch Center" Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The history of the updated Lara Croft is approaching the next interim final. Since 2013 we have been looking at how a recent student is looking for a missing father and is gradually changing into a well-known us-grave robber.

The last part of the trilogy, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, will be released on September 14th. And we could not resist meeting one of your favorite heroines with a special event! On the website gambling started working "Start Center"Of the game.
Faithful fans of the series, many of whom help Lara in her adventures since the nineties, have bought Shadow of the Tomb Raider long ago. Some even managed to play it: for example our editor-in-chief Evgeny Peklo. He told about his impressions in the preliminary assessment.

Previously, Lara was an outcast and knew the world mainly through inscriptions in dead languages. Now she can ask people who willingly share information about notable places in the neighborhood, listen to a story and even negotiate on the official market – instead of zatarivatsya contraband of an enemy defector. Lara has become part of a big society, spending most of the time in the jungle for hunting, collecting materials, killing soldiers and solving puzzles.

Early impressions of Lara in the jungle – just one of the materials that will be collected in the & # 39; launch center & # 39 ;. We managed to do our favorite thing: dress up and dress up Miss Croft. And what was most to her face and benefit was told in the article "Skins, rags, holster. Wardrobe Lara Croft".

Lara has come a long way. And even those who are only familiar with the new trilogy, no wonder there is confusion: what happened in Japan? What kind of beast is "Trinity"? How was Lara taken to Mexico? Without panic we remember everything and we will tell you. A video with the contents of the previous parts will appear very soon.

Where only a strong, brave, smart and independent girl archaeologist has not been for her long spell! But Peru enjoys her special love. This exotic country became the stage of the first Tomb Raider, her remake Tomb Raider: birthday and the seventh part of the series, Tomb Raider: Legend. And then Lara returns to the South American jungle. What do they look like now, after a decade? We will not just tell you, but we will show you!

Miss Croft is constantly learning something new. This time she will master perfect diving and diving: part of the secret passage means to stay underwater. And who else feels at home in the water? We will describe how you can implement diving in games.

And of course our best hosts will play live in the shadow of the Tomb Raider and discuss the game with those who have had time to get to know it, and with those who are considering buying. Look at our channel twitch, not to miss live broadcasts.