Ledbury's PlayStation Day preschool will reopen on Monday

A Ledbury nursery school remained closed this week, after an Ofsted deadline for improvements came and went.

But the week ended with good news that the Playstation was waiting for: a green light from Ofsted to reopen on Monday 25 February.

The owner of the Playstation, Ann Brennan, said: "We are pleased to announce that the suspension has been lifted and that Monday morning we will be open as usual.

"I would like to thank the whole team of my staff and parents for all their support at this very difficult time.

"We can not wait to see all the children next week."

When Ofsted closed the Playstation Day nursery at the end of January, following an unexpected inspection, Miss Brennan was given until Monday February 18 to implement an action plan, which she did.

But at the beginning of this week Ofsted stated that "the nursery remains suspended while we keep the situation under control".

Miss Brennan told The Reporter that there would have been an unexpected second visit of Ofsted to Playstation on Friday 18 February, but permission to reopen was not followed on that occasion.

The steps taken by Playstation, in the context of its action plan, included work to improve the heating and control of the room temperature; improvements to the supply of hot water; measures to improve staff training and recruitment; greater attention to the individual needs and behavior of children; greater attention to whistleblowing, to highlight any problems and periodic meetings for staff when concerns may be raised.

Ofsted also requested the nursery to make sure there were enough qualified employees on site at all times to ensure the relationship between the child and the required staff.

The nursery near the train station has been operating in Ledbury since 1991 and enjoys a very good reputation with parents.

An inspection of Ofsted in May 2017 found that the quality and standard of supply for the start of the years was "good".

At that time, 33 children were in range and the nursery staff employed 11 staff members.


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