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The Document Foundation announced the release of LibreOffice 6.2 with the long-awaited NotebookBar. LibreOffice 6.2 is, according to the organization that oversees the development of the free office suite, an important release that proposes a new radical user interface approach based on the MUFFIN concept, and that offers user experience options that meet everyone's preferences. users, while benefiting from the best way of all screen sizes.

For your information, the MUFFIN (acronym for my user-friendly and flexible INTERFACE) represents a new UI design approach, based on meeting user needs rather than imposing a single user interface on all users, regardless of their generation, computer hardware and computer skills. With this concept, the LibreOffice teams wanted to meet the needs of the users. From the base they want a personal user interface, with different options that can change their own habits, and not a single user interface without options. They have also requested a modular interface that allows them to define their own user-friendliness, but which also needs to be adapted to take advantage of the size and resolution of the screen of their devices. It is by wanting to meet such a need that the LibreOffice team has developed the NotebookBar.

The NotebookBar or Mta-Barre, which complements traditional toolbars and sidebar, is available in tabs, compact and contextual versions, each with a different approach than the presentation of the menu. The tabs variant aims to provide a familiar interface to users from company canteens and is intended to be used mainly without the sidebar, while the compact version provides access to first-line functions with functions of one click and of a second level with a maximum of two clicks. . The Notebookbar is now ready and is no longer experimental. Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw have full versions.

The new tabs interface

The new compact interface

As usual, this new version of LibreOffice offers many new and improved features, some specifically for a module and others for the entire office suite.

Among other things, the writer is responsible for copying and pasting original spreadsheet data into Writer tables. Previously, you could paste a copied table as an image, object, plain text and RTF, the last resulting in a "new" table in Writer. In version 6.2 you can paste directly into an existing table. In other words, it is now possible to copy spreadsheet data to Writer tables instead of just inserting them as objects.

Before (inserting a Calc range as an OLE object) | After (inserting cells as a native Writer array)

In Calc it is now possible to perform a multivariate regression analysis using the regression tool (Donnes> Statistics> Rgression). In addition, many other statistical measurements are now available in the results of the analysis. For example, the regression tool shows the confidence intervals for all estimated parameters.

The new regression dialog with support for multivariate regression and other related functions

In LibreOffice 6.2 Calc also introduces new spreadsheet functions. This is especially the case with REGEX to compare (and eventually replace) the text with a regular expression.

In Impress & Draw, the motion path of animations can now be changed by dragging their checkpoints. In addition, some character styles have been added that are related to text. We will still note, among other things, the addition of the submenu Blackboard on the menu format in Draw.

Among the most important new and improved features of LibreOffice 6.2, it can also be emphasized that:

  • the browser-based help system now offers faster filtering of index keywords, which highlight your search term when you type and display results based on the selected module;
  • all contextual menus have been updated to be more consistent in the different applications of the office suite;
  • performance on the toolbar Track changes have improved considerably, especially in large documents. In Writer, LibreOffice 6.2 applies tracking changes: Edit> Track changes> View no longer has a major impact on document performance with many changes made. The document view can now hide tracked changes and the dialog box informing users about the impact on performance has been removed.

LibreOffice Online, the cloud version of the suite, also contains many improvements. On mobile devices, the user interface has been simplified, improving responsiveness and virtual keyboard updates.

Interoprability with its own file formats has also been improved, as with all major and minor versions of LibreOffice, for better compatibility with Office documents, including older versions that have been left behind by Microsoft. The emphasis was also on images and animations, as well as on document security functions, with the implementation of OOXML agile coding that can use the AES-256-CBC encryption algorithm with the hash function. SHA512. HMAC authentication (when saving an encrypted document) is now supported, making it possible to check whether the document is "bit-exact" as it was when it was saved.

Finally, note that Linux versions x86 (32 bits) are backwards. There are no Linux x86 compilations produced by The Doucment Foundation after version 6.2. LibreOffice 6.2 is the latest version of the free office suite to support 32-bit Linux systems. Specify that Linux x86 compatibility will not remove existing versions of LibreOffice. The video below summarizes the main new features of LibreOffice 6.2.

Download LibreOffice 6.2

Source: The Document Foundation, Release notes for LibreOffice 6.2

And you?

What do you think of the new NotebookBar interface offered by LibreOffice?
Does it really meet the needs of users for a flexible interface?
How do you find the NotebookBar versus the Microsoft Office interface?
What do you think of the other new and improved LibreOffice? Which do you like the most? Why?

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