Lidl sells old Samsung smartphone

Lidl has since the Samsung Galaxy A5 in the offer, a smartphone model of the previous year. The price sounds tempting. But is the purchase still worth it?

The discounter offers the smartphone of the middle class for 222 euros and therefore only slightly cheaper than many online retailers. The model first appeared on the market in 2015 and was completely re-issued in 2017 together with the A3 and the A7. Originally the smartphone was launched for the price of 429 euros. More about this Discover it in this article,

The phone offers solid midtones: 5.2-inch (13.22 cm) Full HD screen and a water- and dust-proof glass and metal case. The latter is rare in the lower price range.

Good, up-to-date smartphones are usually only available from 300 euros to buy. For older models such as the Samsung Galaxy A5, but you always find attractive offers.

Buy Samsung Galaxy A5 at Lidl

In the execution and the camera, buyers must stand their ground. With two simple 16 megapixel lenses on the front and back, the phone does not offer the advanced photographic capabilities of a top smartphone.

The Exynos 7880 processor and three gigabytes (3 GB) of RAM should be sufficient for most daily tasks. The processor speed is specified at only 1.9 GHz. You do not have to overload the phone. The internal storage space is 32 GB and can be expanded with microSD up to 256 GB. The 3000 mAh battery is also more than sufficient and ensures a long battery life.

The phone is sold with Android 8 (Oreo). Whether it will get the update on Android Pie is unclear. Buyers should not, however, put too much hope. It may well be that they have to settle for the long term with the old operating system.

In general, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a good entry model for people with a lot of money. For almost 80 euros more, the market for mobile phones, but many current alternatives with many more attractive features. Due to the low price, the mobile phone in the Lidl stores can still be sold out quickly. Interested parties can also order the smartphone in the Lidl online store.