Microsoft renames its Game Studios on Xbox Game Studios

In a sudden shift from its current branding strategy, Microsoft is changing the name Microsoft Studios into Xbox Game Studios.

"We are changing the name of our game development organization from Microsoft Studios to Xbox Game Studios," writes Matt Booty, Microsoft's vice president of business. "Xbox Game Studios consists of 13 distinct game development teams responsible for beloved franchises The age of empires, Power, War gears, alone, is Minecraft.

As you may know, Microsoft, like other technology giants, has undergone years of effort to dehumidify product brands such as Windows and Office in favor of its corporate brand. For example, Windows Azure has been renamed to Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 is supplanting Office 365.

But this is a shift in the opposite direction, and most likely indicates that Microsoft understands that its business name is, if not toxic in the gaming world, it is at least less known and loved than the Xbox. And this change will help to market a new Xbox that is heterogeneous, thanks mainly to online services like xCloud, and not only focused on their platforms (Windows and Xbox One).

"Today, Xbox is our gaming brand on all devices, no matter how or where you want to play or who you want to play with," check Booty. "We are passionate about creating a portfolio of games for players on consoles, PCs and mobile devices. [And] as we have expanded our attention beyond the console, even the Xbox brand has evolved from its original roots. "

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with the new brand. But this type of inconsistency is curious and seems to be somewhat unique in the Microsoft offers stable. It amazes me, once again, of the strange separation between the Xbox and the rest of the company.