Mutsvangwa transcribes the fake Twitter, talks about diplomacy

President of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) Chris Mutsvangwa has denied a Twitter account by posting messages under his name.

Mutsvangwa told reporters in a large-scale interview yesterday that the fake account was a source of the G40's remains that lacked originality and public appeal.

"The G40s and their achievements simply lack originality to appeal to the population," he said. "Thus, they attach themselves to those with history and gravity, in their futile effort to push their discredited programs.

"Veterans are kings and queens of the trust hierarchy of the Zimbabwean people even after 38 years of the victory of the epic war of national liberation of Chimurenga II The respect, trust and trust of the population are very intact. avatars and misfits of regime change and their evocation of the failed state of Zimbabwe ".

Mutsvangwa spoke about the position taken by Sadc against illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.

"As president of ZNLWVA, we salute President Sadc Hage Geingob's (Namibia) principle position in the United States to repeal the ZDERA sanctions," he said. "We are also very grateful for the strong message of support from our Botswana neighbors and brothers.

"We call on both Washington and Brussels to take note of this Sadc call to repeal ZDERA and to revoke the illegal sanctions as it was recently proposed in Addis Ababa because a distant nation and a regional group want to challenge the wisdom and judgment of the our 14 heads of state and government on this crucial point?

"We know of the unpleasant past of slavery, of colonial subjugation and of the plundering of resources.We survived painful wars of sacrifice to get rid of those handcuffs for our hopes of progress and prosperity.

"We proclaim aloud that as Africans we are not and we vehemently refuse to be children of a lesser God. We proclaim aloud and with courage that as Africans."

On the national dialogue initiated by President Mnangagwa in recent weeks, Mutsvangwa said: "We also urge Chamisa and her MDC-Alliance to finally come of age and to adhere to the process of national dialogue in an honest and constructive way.

"It should take a leaf from our generation of supreme sacrifice that never diminishes personal power and self-enrichment beyond the love of the motherland."

Chamisa did not take part in the inaugural meeting on the dialogue attended by most of the candidates for the presidency of the elections of July 30, 2018 at the State House.