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Recently, the developers of the studio The Farm 51 presented a taste "Sci-fi survival game with elements of horror" Chernobylite. Well, now we got to see the first full trailer of the project.

For the minute that the film lasts, you can see one of the shelters for stalkers resting, various forest locations created using 3D scanning technology in a real zone of alienation, a clash with mysterious phenomena and a creepy enemy. Get ready for a scary adventure with survival, horror, conspiracy theories, love and obsession. Only in this way will you understand that all means are good in the struggle for survival. & # 39;, – the authors are intriguing.

From the point of view of mechanics, Chernobylite is a typical survival simulator. You can work together or fight with other players, explore the impressive size of the location, search for clues and explore a non-linear plot, make your own equipment and weapons to defend against hostile military and supernatural threats and of course destroy the bloodthirsty monsters. According to the authors, your character has skills related to physics and chemistry that can help in designing equipment and facilitating the management of supplies.

Also at your disposal "Arsenal with precise tools for environmental analysis". Another sentence is curious in the project description: "Find the use of ingenious mechanisms to make their way through polluted terrain". Perhaps this is a hint of the appearance in the transport game.

There is no exact release date for Chernobylite (this fall), but there is already a page in the Steam store. Development is also being done for consoles, but their list has not been announced.

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