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A disturbing testimony ofAris Mpitziopoulos, a certified technician, responsible for the Hardware Buster chain and regularly published in the columns of TechPowerUp, raises a new recurring problem on the screens of the MacBook Pro 2018.

After the successful use of its 2014 MacBook Pro 15-inch -i7 2.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and Nvidia GT750M), Aris Mpitziopoulos let's go with the purchase of a high-end 15-inch MacBook Pro, with a Core i9, 32 GB RAM, a 1 TB SSD and a Radeon Pro Vega 20, all against the modest sum of $ 4,500.

So equipped, our husband thought he was silent for a moment and was happy with the power difference during the first few hours of use. After he had left his computer for a moment, he noticed by waking him that his screen shone brightly. In the face of a setback he immediately received a new model in the Apple Store, personnel who are aware of this type of accident.

Only, after a while, the new MacBook Pro 15 "has exactly the same symptoms. A restart resolves the problem temporarily, but soon the flickers reappear, causing them to force Aris Mpitziopoulos Never place the screen on standby, not even on the battery. The man is very disappointed and hopes for a quick solution from Apple. For our part, we have not been concerned about us and our machines, and do not hesitate to view our complete test of MacBook Pro 2018.

Find our video on the MacBook Pro 2018



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