No, Konami Is not Blocking PT Demo, You Can Still Play It

See Silent Hill as helmed by Hideo Kojima, it's no surprise that Konami canceled the Metal Gear Solid title. P.T was released as an Indie style horror game by HIDD as a teaser to the canceled Hill game by him and director Del Toro (Pacific Rim). Rumors spread recently or P.T itself also becoming unplayable. Konami confirmed, however, that whoever still owns P.T are still able to play it as well.

A statement from a Konami official confirmed the news as found here. It reads:

"After our investigation, we can confirm that there are no Konami or PlayStation Network (PSN) updates that would have affected or prevent access to the game."

And while this is true. The game has actually been removed from the PlayStation store itself a while ago. So the story of P.T being unplayable is only half true. Since those who owned the demo CAN still play it. But whoever is missing out on the chance to download it will not be able to anymore. This puts a rest to earlier suspicions at least.

It's sad to see the story of the Silent Hills teaser ended. Seeing as how Kojima had a claim to have ideas for which P.T was only a decoy. Following the cancellation of the game after the director had a falling out with Konami, the hype for the game was not completely dead. Since we've been at one point, a fan remake of the game itself, which was sadly taken down by Konami despite how impressed they were with it.

The community does have Layers of Fear 2 to look forward to the future of 2019, which hopefully fills the void created in a fate or horror game fans after the cancellation of Silent Hills. On the Kojima side of things, we, or course, have the trio or Hideo, Norman Reed and Del Toro to look forward to the upcoming Death Stranding game.

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