Notes on the patch of PUBG Xbox Update 4 Live

PUBG Xbox Update 4 will be available next week, Tuesday, with the official launch of the Vikendi map on live servers. PUBG Corp has discussed the patch and what it will contain in a post on Reddit.

PUBG Corp will add PUBG Xbox Update 4 to live servers on Tuesday. In a post on Reddit, he reminded players that the Vikendi map will be officially published in the update. "Vikendi's gameplay is faster than Erangel and Miramar, but it offers a much more tactical experience than Sanhok," read the post.

The update will include a new weapon, Skorpion. It will appear on all maps and has modes of single fire and full automatic fire. The snowmobile vehicle and the G36C will also be added to the new update, but will be exclusive to the Vikendi map.

PUBG PlayStation 4 players will also receive an update which launches Vikendi on live servers at the same time as PUBG Xbox Update 4.

Cover photo courtesy of PUBG Corp.