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Deutsche Telekom plans to introduce the so-called nuSIM format for the second half of 2019. The description reads like an eSIM with a new name. Suppose that the exchangeability of SIM cards has been removed in favor of a fixed chip. This is very small and works with profiles for the network operators.

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  1. Wirecard Service Technologies GmbH, Aschheim near Munich
  2. ETAS, Stuttgart

With nuSIM it is expected that Telekom will compete with other solutions, such as the M2M eSIM from Gemalto. The trade association GSMA is also working on an M2M eSIM for the IoT market. De Telekom promises that the nuSIM is faster, cheaper and more compact than other solutions, without giving details. At least the subject of speed is unimportant in many IoT segments, for example when it only concerns sending a few sensor data. Many of the nuSIM benefits relate to the disappearance of the physical SIM card, which is also possible with other solutions. If necessary, also with an eSIM for the consumer.

An advantage could be the direct integration into the modem chip. This saves space on the layout of the board again. The high integration density can, for example, benefit small sensors. Moreover, the nuSIM can be pre-recorded with the necessary information about the network operator.

As Computerbase has learned, the nuSIM, in contrast to the eSIM, also has to save power and is classified as iSIM, ie integrated SIM card. On some communication properties with the network operator, the Telekom with the nuSIM can also be used without it. These include M2M SMS services, but also switching between network operators.

It is intended to create a complete ecosystem based on nuSIM. The Telekom is open. Hardware partners are equally invited to participate as other network operators. Semiconductor manufacturers such as Nordic, Altair or Qualcomm have already agreed and are hardware partners.

Telekom plans to release more information at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The congress will take place on February 25, 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

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