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As surprising as it may seem, Microsoft advises users not to purchase Office 2019. The goal of this campaign is to promote Office 365.

Microsoft is a business lover of comparative video & # 39; s. They allow to mark their products. This time the approach is original, not to say surprising. To improve Office 365, the giant offers a comparison with Office 2019. The goal is to explain why you should not buy it.

Normally it is expected that Microsoft will promote all its products, but this new series of videos shows the opposite. It shows that Office 365 is better than the full version of Office 2019. The reason is simple, Office 2019 does not offer a new feature unlike Office 365, the latter is a service that is regularly improved with new features.

Office 365 is lucrative for Microsoft.

The biggest difference between Office 2019 and Office 365 is the way it is financed. In the first case, the license is acquired at the beginning. In the second case it is a monthly subscription that gives access to applications. In the eyes of Microsoft, the purchase of Office 2019 is not recommended for Office 365, which would be more relevant.

Office 365 has become one of Microsoft's leading cash cows. In the last quarter, sales of Office Commercial products and cloud services increased by 11%. Sales of Office 365 Commercial increased by 34%.

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