PANASONIC CORP. (MAT1) Decline -2.56% on March 15th

The actions of PANASONIC CORP. (FRA: MAT1) were exchanged at 7.6, with a variation of -2.56%, or -0.2 per share, on a volume of 288 shares. After the opening of the trading day at 7.68, the shares of PANASONIC CORP. They were negotiated at a short distance. PANASONIC CORP. It currently has a total float of shares and on average sees 210 stock exchanges per day. The stock now has a minimum of 52 weeks of 7.6 and a maximum of 12.85.

German Stock Exchange: driving European economic growth

The German stock exchange is one of the most powerful stock exchanges in the world, with Germany the largest economy in Europe and the third largest economy in the world. Third place brings companies of their market as PANASONIC CORP. More public. It has a huge influence in global trade and commerce in Europe.

German stock exchange

The German stock exchange is made up of various stock exchanges that facilitate trade in different parts of Germany. These include the Frankfurt stock exchange, the largest component of the German stock exchange that monitors commercial activities in Frankfurt; Stuttgart Stock Exchange, the second largest component of the German Stock Exchange; Börse Berlin-Bremen, who oversaw the commercial activities in Berlin-Charlottenburg from the merger of the Berlin Stock Exchange and Bremen Börse; and BÖAG Börsen AG, which supervised the commercial activities in Hamburg and Hanover from the merger of the Hamburg Stock Exchange and the Hannover Stock Exchange. Trading activity has spread to all their companies, including PANASONIC CORP ..

German share index

The benchmark of the German stock market is the German stock index or the Deutsche Aktien Xchange (DAX) 30. As a capitalization-weighted index, it controls the market trend of the 30 companies listed on the stock exchange Frankfurt with the largest market capitalisations.

The Frankfurt stock exchange alone represents 80% of the total capitalization of the German market. This is why the German stock index and the Frankfurt stock exchange are vital indicators of the German economy.

The German blue chip shares on the Frankfurt stock exchange have a 10% limit for two main reasons: 1) to satisfy the legal provisions of the German stock index; and 2) to prevent mergers and acquisitions (M & A) from the resulting heavyweight index.

Since 1987, the German stock index has had a base value of 1,000. XETRA, an e-commerce system, has been calculating index prices since 1999. It was 2006 when XETRA started calculating index prices after every second.

The main currency on the German stock index is the euro. The minimum trade size requirement is an index while the margin requirement is 2% among most brokers. The German stock index has two versions: a performance index and a price index. Both indices are vital for PANASONIC CORP ..

The German stock index had its longest period of glory for over 1,500 consecutive days between 2003 and 2007. At the time it peaked at € 8,105.69. However, the German stock index fell to the lowest level of € 3,580 after the 2008 global financial crisis.

Being able to recover from the repercussions, the German stock exchange was able to record its new all-time high of € 8,736 during one of its best years in 2013.

Its performance index, on the other hand, had recorded its all-time high of 12,374.73 in April 2015 after having touched for the first time the 12,000 points of the previous month. On that April day, he had even reached a maximum of 12,390.75. Its lowest level of 372.30 was last seen in 1974.

Having said that, investing in DAX 30 shares makes sense. It is a guarantee that investors will benefit from the rich German economy. Also guarantees for PANASONIC CORP. And others to catch more attention.

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