PlayStation praises Nintendo and Microsoft as the Xbox team calls for unification

Shawn Layden of PlayStation has been very talkative lately about the Sony brand and among his comments on the multiplatform game and where the PlayStation 3 went wrong, took a moment during the DICE parties to talk a lot about Nintendo in a significant change in the game. 39; industry as a whole.

"Of course, we all agree in continuing to focus on this sector, but we do it to maintain a vibrant and essential gaming landscape," Layden said during his presentation on Nintendo and Microsoft. "We have the power to bring people joy, inspiration, respite, we have the ability to transport them to new worlds and provide them with superpowers, as developers, we do not compete with each other. Art is based on creativity, not on competition ".

This is certainly a nice feeling, especially considering that console wars seem to be more combative than ever.

He added: "The gaming industry is at a turning point – a time when we are losing our youth and becoming a cultural gemstone.The community has grown because gamers no longer grow from games. people with gray hair now that we were used to, including myself, and we do not see games as childish things to put aside.

"We embrace the game as the art form of our generation – as the most powerful form of expression".

Layden also spoke a bit about influencers and their impact, like Ninja with Fortnite and how both the PlayStation and the competitors must keep this in mind during game development. "New heroes, new perspectives" as he called it, shifting players' futures into a level playing field with those who play them.

He also praised Nintendo as "the best-selling console of 2018", also mentioning how they are trying to "enlarge the game tent" with their team and with Microsoft and the great N.

The same Microsoft has pushed for much more accessibility since Phil Spencer took over, with the Xbox team who fought hard along with Nintendo and Valve to bridge the gap between the consoles. It seems that Sony, along with important changes in leadership, is also experiencing some important changes of heart.