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PS5 release date, Last price: Good news and bad for PlayStation fans - but not in 2019

PS5 release date, Last price: Good news and bad for PlayStation fans – but not in 2019 (Pic: DS)

Shawn Layden, the familiar face of many players at the head of the Sony gaming arm, conducted a sincere interview with GameInformer this week revealed some really interesting information about the upcoming PlayStation 5 console.

In the interview, Layden was quite open to talking about the company's decision to skip the E3 2019 – something that has ruffled some feathers in the gaming industry.

Layden, interestingly, reiterated that Sony is skipping this E3 because it believes that, as owner of a platform, the company simply does not have much to show. However, for the first time, the Sony boss revealed that the company is not necessarily saying goodbye to the E3 forever.

"Or your show is optimized based on the consumer experience, at the Tokyo Game Show, at Gamescom, or you're a commercial experience like CES or Motor Show, or E3," he told Gameinformer.

"The Motor Show I understand it because the machines are heavy and bringing them all together in one place is a challenging undertaking, but we are players, we live in the air, we are digital, we are everywhere at the same time.

"So what is the role of an event that occurs frankly on an arbitrary date in June? How does it work for all the stories you want to tell?"

"This year, reaching 2019, I will be honest, we did not have a new story to tell and when Sony rings the bell so everyone can come, they have an expectation for something completely new and amazing.

"We've looked at the lineup and we can probably give the fans a lot of updates on things they already know, so how does that work for us?

"So rather than increase fans' expectations for them to think," Oh what's Sony saying at E3? "We decided we would leave."

Layden concluded (and we will highlight the most significant part of the next bit in bold):

"If we go from the fair to the parade of consumers … I think the bridge will appear, we did the PSX, we did not know what it would be like … We did it for the 25th anniversary of PlayStation, but we're lucky. They will come in. This is the conversation we are having in real time right now with the ESA. Just because PlayStation is not at E3 2019, it does not mean we will not be there in 2020."

Why is it so significant? Well, the first comment on the subreddit r / PS4 thread nailed it.

The user HeisenbergClaus noted: "PS5 will reveal at PSX 2019, will tease for a few months at E3, will blow up E3 2020 with PS5 and will be released in the fall.

That chronology – especially with Sony that now suggests returning for the E3 2020 seems more likely than ever (you can read more about this 2020 estimate below).

Also, at last week's DICE 2019 conference, Layden took the stage to explain something more about the company.

Although the company is certainly looking forward to E3 planning, it has also looked back on its efforts to learn from the mistakes of the past.

"The PlayStation 3 was our" Icarus Moment "," Layden explains at the conference. "For our business the fall was acute: we did not listen to our customers, we created a diabolical development environment, our network was underdeveloped and the worst thing of all, if we remember, was our price point.

"While the PlayStation 3 and our struggle to remain relevant were well covered, what was not so well covered was the call we made at that time to change our company into what we are today. […] We have listened to developers and players. "

The various problems that Layden's lists with the PS3 probably will not be a controversial point when it comes to the launch of PS5 – Sony will want to prevent the whole scenario from happening again, where possible.

The only problem consumers will be interested in is the most difficult point that Layden mentions: the price. It seems that Sony is aware of the fact that the PS3 was very expensive for what it was, and from the comments of Layden, it seems that the PlayStation 5 does not follow in his footsteps (excessively premium).

We expect more information on the price of PlayStation 5 in the coming months.

PS5 release date – Why 2020?

In general, 2020 seems to be the accepted date that most of the industry experts and analysts believe that Sony will launch a new console. As shown by Dring's comments above.

Furthermore, the only source and prediction that we are inclined to believe more comes from Digital Foundry.

The Eurogamer affiliate site is known for its deep game performance dives to see exactly how they are running on a console and are, to our mind, some of the best technical experts when it comes to gaming consoles.

So when they write a story titled "PlayStation 5: when Sony can really give a generational leap to power? & # 39; take note

For those who do not want to read at this time, the prevailing view of history seemed to suggest that it would be crazy to assume that Sony would release a new console at any time before the fourth quarter of 2019, but that a launch in 2020 would be was more likely.

It is also based on much more than simple business numbers, but in both cases the idea of ​​a The release date of the PS5 2020 is definitely gaining more weight.