Rainbow Six Siege now automatically prohibits players from using hatred speech

Rainbow Six Siege now automatically prohibits players from making hate speech statements
Ubisoft takes a position in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft automatically prohibits people who use racist and homophobic slogans in Rainbow Six, and some players complain that it is not fair.

One of the big problems with an online game is not the difficulty of learning the ropes and being good enough to keep up with the often poisonous attitudes of other players.

Rainbow Six Siege has never been rated as particularly bad in this respect, but Ubisoft has taken the step to develop a system that automatically forbids anyone who uses racist or homophobic slogans in text chats.

According to PC player The bans started on weekends and lasted 27 minutes on your first attack. Repeated violations increased to two hours.

If someone is caught for the third time, an official investigation of the player's account is started with human resources and a permanent ban can be imposed.

There are already reports that players have something offensive to banish them, with an example tweeted to Ubisoft, where one player should ask another, what is the British snake for cigarettes.

Other players have complained that they have been "cheated" to answer a question about the raccoon's nickname, but Ubisoft does not like it.

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According to Ubisoft, this is one of many initiatives to clean up the community, including text messaging and improved chat monitoring. At that time, the latter should censor only offensive words.

Currently the conditions are not removed or hidden in the text chat, but the offender still receives an automatic ban.

Despite complaints from a noisy minority, the new system seems to work well for most players, meaning it is likely to be picked up by other text chat games (which is only one thing in PC games).

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