Samsung Galaxy S9: Beta for Android 9 Pie starts this week - maybe today

Today begins the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco and probably today we will see Samsung's first foldable smartphone. Depending on the Samsung, only a first but hopefully detailed teaser will appear – not the complete unveiling of the foldable smartphone.

Also tomorrow the start signal for the Android 9 Pie Beta expected. For the time being, however, only users of the Galaxy S9 (+) can enjoy the beta. Or at a later date, even more devices, such as the Galaxy Note9 or the Galaxy S8 (+) will benefit from the beta is not yet known.

In addition to the new features of Android 9 Pie, Samsung also lacks its own interface a new name: Galaxy UX. This has some very interesting features to offer, as evidenced by a leaked beta firmware.

Last year, Samsung launched Oreo Beta on November 2, 2018 – at least in a few countries. Unfortunately Switzerland was not one of them and I would not be surprised if we are not taken into account this year. Let's wait and let us surprise you.