Scientists: Neptune "fascinated" the planet Nibiru in itself

In the hope of speed and colossal temperature, Nibiru decided to ram, but Neptune "cooled" and "enthralled" the "Death Star" in itself

The planet murderer Nibiru is stuck in the cold guts of the Blue Giant and can not escape to bring down the Apocalypse for Earth, experts admit. In particular, the interplanetary station "Voyager 2" in 1989 recorded the magnetic field of Neptune, discovered a solid core in the depths of the cosmic body. Such a world in the world, according to scientists, under dense clouds can hide miracles that look like burning oceans or diamond rains.

Before the researchers could confirm the suspicion about the nature of Neptune due to an elementary shortage of the relevant equipment. In this case, the alternate version of the origin of the planet in the Blue Giant suddenly neutralizes 2 conspiracy theories: it admits the existence of Nibiru and explains the delayed apocalypse.

Experts assume that millions of the murderer's planet returned to the solar system to destroy our planet. The road to earth was through the "Blue Giant". In the hope of speed and colossal temperature Nibiru decided to ram, but Neptune & # 39; cooled & # 39; and & # 39; boeide & # 39; the & # 39; Death Star & # 39; in itself. Since then, Planet X is trying to break away from the cold depths to hurry to the earth, but the atmosphere with a temperature of -220 degrees Celsius and a small amount of solar heat (900 times less than the earth) makes its mission simply impossible. The only thing Nibiru can liberate, scientists believe, is the clash of Neptune with a gigantic object.

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