SenseNets facial recognition company that talks about "partnership"

The US software giant has denied any involvement with the company.

"Microsoft is not involved in a partnership with SenseNets. We have been informed that SenseNets uses our logo on its website without our permission and we requested that it be removed," a company spokesman told CNBC on Friday.

Microsoft sells face recognition software based on its Azure cloud product. Third parties can purchase Microsoft software for use in their applications. But Microsoft said it has no relationship with SenseNets.

The company's denial comes after Gevers published a screenshot of code from the SenseNets software. Shows a line of code that appears to be linked to Microsoft's facial recognition tool.

Gevers was not immediately available for comment when CNBC tried to contact him.

CNBC asked Microsoft to clarify if SenseNets could have access to its tool without paying for it or without the knowledge of the company. Microsoft did not immediately respond to this request.

Microsoft has sought to lead the responsible development of artificial intelligence.

In January, CEO Satya Nadella requested the regulation of facial recognition technology. Microsoft has a six-point manifesto that says it drives its facial recognition work. One of these points is "legal surveillance", which calls for "guarantees for the democratic freedoms of people in the surveillance scenarios of the forces of order".

Microsoft has stated that "it will not implement face recognition technology in scenarios that we believe will put these freedoms at risk".


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