Shadow of the Tomb Raider in Test – Towards the end of the world culminating in conclusion

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the highlight of the Origins trilogy.

What did you think about it, Lara? You wanted to stop Trinity at any cost, to avenge your father, but was it worth it? Look around! Large tidal waves break through the village and drag houses and people along. Do you hear the screaming? That is all your fault!

Does not sound right, right? Lara, whom we saw as the frightened teenager in the first part of the trilogy of the Origins, now becomes the Apocalypse triggered and the world condemned to have? True. But we do not blame her for the disaster. Because what we experience in the coming hours in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, jerks, touches, frightens and excites us more than anything we have experienced in the skin of Lara Croft in recent years.

An end of the world with emotion

Of course, Lara did not deliberately cause the end of the world. In Mexico she follows Doctor Dominguez, a suspected excavation leader, but soon turns out to be the head of Trinity. The power-hungry organization has already appeared in Rise of the Tomb Raider as the opponent of Lara and left much resentment with the young archaeologist. That is why Lara does not hesitate too long when she reaches the archaeological site for Trinity, Dominguez seizes the old Mayan dagger and raises the curse.

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This beautiful Maya dagger has just caused the end of the world.

The good news: a second artefact can stop the apocalypse. The bad news is that it is somewhere in Peru and Dominguez wants to use it to turn the world into its own hands. Ups. And so Lara's latest adventure of the Origins trilogy takes us in the deepest jungle,

Lara does not travel alone, but with her good friend Jonah. We have known him since the first part, when he worked as a cook on the expedition ship Endurance. Despite the bleak mood and threatening apocalypse, we experience time and time again soulful momentsthat show a very personal side of Lara.

At the campfire, Jonah treats her back as he talks about his mother about his brother and Lara. And we see: Lara puts the end of the world far from easy. We see a strong and purposeful heroine who is simultaneously gnawed by guilt, grief and hatred of the Trinity. And we feel with her.

In the middle of the Apocalypse Shadow of the Tomb Raider also takes time for quiet and emotional moments.

Dark, fascinating atmosphere

Shadow of the Tomb Raider continues to capture the dark doom scenario & # 39; s and natural disasters and create one credible worldIn Kuwaq Yaku, a small settlement in the jungle, we walk through dilapidated houses and look at the surrounding barrels and debris. Recently a storm raged here, one of the residents tells us. Lara apologizes, but the man just laughs – who can do something for the weather?

We experience many important points of the campaign in first-class cutscenes, in which especially the detailed facial expressions of Lara and Co shine. But that's just a way to tell Shadow of the Tomb Raider. When Lara travels through the jungle with Jonah, the two are silent, talking about their adventure. And after exploring an optional area on our own, Jonah even asks Lara's return when we've discovered something – a great detail.

Another part of the story that we learn Explore caves and ruinswhere we find countless Maya, Inca and Aztecs. Through a kind of compendium we learn a lot about the gods and customs. Did you know, for example, that Mama Zara is the Inca goddess of grain?

In combination with the great lighting mood, the jungle is one of the graphical highlights.

Sometimes these history lessons are even quite lively. Without wanting to anticipate too much: at one point the action adventure disappears in a short and poignant horror trip in which we come closer to the culture of the old people than we would like.

Hello snow, hello tropics!

After guiding Lara through the snowy Siberia in Rise of the Tomb Raider, we go to the tropics. Tree giants float in the air, rabbits rush through bushes and the flora is reflected in lakes – welcome to the jungle! When the sun rays shimmer through the treetops and rocks and plants cast soft shadows, we even forget the coming apocalypse for a moment. But not only visually impressed us, but also acoustically. Everywhere chirps, rustles and chats, drum crumbs and squeaking bats are used in dark caves.

Yet we would not want to go on holiday here, because there are many people lurking everywhere in the jungle deadly dangers Jaguars and piranha's – yes, we are not even safe in the water. In line with the scenario, there are considerably more underwater passages than in the predecessors. But instead of annoying as in most games, they are among the highlights of Shadow of the Tomb Raider because they combine perfect exploration, claustrophobic tension and stealth elements.

There are a few dangers in the jungle. Here we entered the territory of a Jaguar – and he is not satisfied.

So we have to hide in the piranha's high seagrass while Lara's breath is running low. It does not have a gas mask, so air becomes a limited resource. The storage oxygen is supplied by air holes on the ceilings of the cave. Take a short breath, let us continue. Lara dives into a narrow slit and squeezes it slowly, while the music swells threateningly and we expect every second with a moray attack – not for the faint of heart, perfect for a dense atmosphere,