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Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook gives a thumbs up to Ariel Sons #ShareTheLoad

Arions India & # 39; s Sons #ShareTheLoad has already collected more than 20 million views and the world can not stop talking about it. The latest film released by Ariel India as part of the #ShareTheLoad movement has initiated a relevant conversation about raising children and daughters alike. A thought that has been supported by many women throughout India and the world, including, recently, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer and founder of

Supporting this thought, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer and founder of, says: "We teach our daughters to stand up on their own, but we do not teach our children to help." This is an announcement like this. powerful about how stereotypes are transmitted from generation to generation – but now we have the opportunity to change it. "Supporting the film on his Facebook page, the loyal advocate of the #ShareTheLoad movement, added:" Thanks to Ariel India and P & G for showing them that a fairer world would have been a better world for all of us. "He previously also supported the latest edition of the Dad # ShareTheLoad movement.

Aiming to address the imbalance when it comes to household chores and the consequent consequence of many women who have to compromise their aspirations, Ariel India Ariel urges this generation of mothers to raise their children as a peer generation to #ShareTheLoad. The movement is gaining tremendous support from celebrities around the world, including Rajkummar Rao, Patralekha, Sanjeev Kapoor, VVS Laxman, Neha Dhupia, Soha Ali Khan, all agreeing that if they taught #ShareTheLoad today, the children of today become the husbands of tomorrow, who will be prepared and equipped to be equal partners.

Ariel believes not only in raising the problem, but also in providing a solution so that society can move to a fairer tomorrow. Collaborating with Ariel in making laundry the face of the movement against this inequality that exists in Indian families, Whirlpool has also joined Ariel India in promoting family equality with the #ShareTheLoad movement. Whirlpool believes in creating happier homes and this is strengthened when family members share the family responsibility Whirlpool is proud to support Sons #Sharetheload as the campaign's key message is an integral part of the Whirlpool brand ethos. "Comments Mr. KG Singh, Vice President – Marketing, Whirlpool India.

Sharing his views on the film's initial success, Sonali Dhawan, Director of Marketing and Fabric Care Lead, P & G India, shared: "We can see that the campaign is hitting a deal. We are witnessing a wave of personal stories. , anecdotes and letters through social media platforms, we have collected 15 million views in just 2 weeks! Continues by showing that the message, the film and the cause are really in tune with the audience, Ariel is proud to be at the forefront of the effort converted to addressing inequality at home and moving society towards a happier and more equitable future, this is only the beginning. "

Bringing out the reality of inequality within families since 2015 with #ShareTheLoad, Ariel continues to raise pertinent questions that make people reflect, introspect and act. In 2015, Ariel raised a very pertinent question – "Is laundry just a woman's job?" To draw attention to the uneven distribution of

domestic chores. With the movement "Dad #ShareTheLoad" of 2016, the conversation was aimed at discovering the reason for the disparity, which is the cycle of prejudices handed down from generation to generation. And over the years, this has had a significant impact with more men today who share the load than ever before. Although there was a change in the stereotype, 52% of men still think that household chores are a woman / daughter's job and that "outside" work is a man / child job ( this is a significant decrease from 79% in 2015).

This year the social conversation about family inequality was taken to the next level by Ariel India and raised an important question: why are the children reared differently from their daughters? Encourage mothers to be the changemakers of society and then reread the way they raise their children; the film explores the reasons for this disparity and offers a solution for achieving change.

Recently, daughters are raised to be strong, independent and confident to excel in all fields. But they continue to be the main custodians of families once married. This poses unbalanced expectations and burdens on them, which may hamper their professional growth. While society is changing, there is not always enough attention given to raising children differently. In fact, independent research done in 2018 shows that 70% of women reconsider further responsibilities at work to balance responsibilities at home. So, Ariel is showing the way to break these barriers, urging this generation of mothers, to raise the next generation as equals. Ariel is committed to reaching happier families, where both men and women share the load.