Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets a special switch console and a new character

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets a special switch console and a new character

Large games always come with a number of special goodies. Many gamers are spoiled with many special editions, limited editions and collector's editions of certain AAA titles and the accompanying paraphernalia that add a little extra to the package. Nintendo is looking for a higher level for the total offer Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by giving gamers the opportunity to purchase a special limited Nintendo Switch console that comes with an original livery based on one of the brand new characters unveiled during the most recent Nintendo Direct.

During Nintendo Direct on September 13 it was announced that Nintendo Switch will have a special edition with a cover that was designed for the Super Smash Bros characters on the left and right of the Nintendo Switch logo.

The color scheme is monochrome, so it fits perfectly with the natural appearance of the switch's black docking station. The bundle also comes with a downloadable copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

There is even an adapted Joy-Con pack that is included with the console and game. The custom Joy-Con set has a white stripe over the left Joy-Con, while a second white stripe passes over to the right Joy-Con.

The ultimate bundle is available for purchase from November 2. This was also accompanied by the news that Isabelle from Animal Crossing will participate in the fight as one of the participants in the big & # 39; ole brawl & # 39 ;.

Isabelle has some stupid attacks, including many based on her appearance in the slice-of-life simulator. This includes the use of a fishing rod to throw opponents into the air, or the use of a party horn to shoot opponents away. You can use her to decorate juggling enemies with the twin-pom-pom attack, or dig up a rocket to defeat incoming enemies. All her attacks are pretty ridiculous, but it matches the airy tone of the Animal Crossing series.

Nintendo really strives to increase the attractiveness of the Switch by bringing in so many different characters and content. There will even be some custom Joy-Con controllers based on the upcoming Pokemon: Let & # 39; s Go Pikachu and Let's go Eevee games, so that you could technically grab the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate bundle along with the custom Pokemon Joy-Con controllers and enjoy four battles with four players in the upcoming lateral scrolling fighter.

The game seems to become more and more crowded in the course of the release and contains more content than can even be counted. I'm curious how the team can even put it all on a single cartridge.

Even some of Nintendo's own developers are concerned about how much more can be squeezed into it Super Smash Bros. franchise at this point because the series has just become this huge hungry dinosaur. Anyway, if you do not have a Nintendo Switch yet and you are a big fan of it Smash Bros. then you can look for the brand new version of the console with limited limited edition that will start in November.