Superhot gets the non-VR version in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10

Superhot, one of the most critically acclaimed first person shooter (FPS) of recent years, is now available on Microsoft Store for Windows 10. Well, the non-VR version, that is; Superhot VR is available in the Microsoft Store from 2017.

Superhot was launched for the first time in 2016, combining the action and the FPS strategy in a way that seemed immediately new. The strategic point of the game derives from the way in which your movement interacts with time. Time only moves when you do, which allows you to plan your attacks before unleashing them. But that apparent advantage comes at a cost: you are constantly outnumbered, your health does not regenerate, and the only source of fresh ammunition is provided by collecting the guns thrown by your enemies.

There are a couple of ways to deal with the Superhot too. In Endless mode, simply fight for your life to see how long you can survive against waves of endless enemies. The Challenge mode, meanwhile, offers numerous ways to make action more vivid, including hand-to-hand combat, time runs and more.

For its launch, Superhot for Windows 10 is currently available at 50% less than the usual $ 25 price, bringing it to $ 12.50. If you have a Windows Mixed Reality headset, you can also control Superhot VR, while those who prefer to play on their console can also take the game for Xbox One.

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